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Homework Help: H> Graphing out Word problems ( Word eq. included)

  1. Sep 9, 2007 #1
    Mary left home at noon running at 7m/s towards school. Her brother John left 35 seconds later running at 8m/s. How much time passed and how far were they from the house when John caught up to Mary.

    Can u please state your formula and how to graph it out. I used the x-y graph but when i get to 35seconds with mary its at 245 metres. My problem is how do i graph john on the graph. where do i start? at 0 or 35? please help and thnx alot
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    Plot position (ordinate) vs time (abscissa).

    Take time t=0 when Mary leaves the home (origin). What is the slope of her line?

    John's position is 0 at t = 35 s. What is the slope of his line?
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