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B Hammer / feather moon drop clip

  1. Mar 27, 2017 #1
    Not a question but such a good clip for those that have not had the pleasure;

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    To me the slower free-falling hammer than it does on earth looks more fascinating, almost as if they are doing the experiment underwater.
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    Yr posts makes me wonder if it is possible to calculate the Moon's gravity by motion analysing this clip??

    Need the frame rate and a known distance eg height of astronaut, their must be some object in view someone knows the precise length of??
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    With the frame rate, you will also need to know the number of frames between the moment of the release of the objects and the moment when they hit the ground, which I think is rather difficult to achieve unless you have some video analyzer to decompose the frames. For the first try may be we can just believe that the playback time is the same as the time the scene was recorded, i.e. use the displayed YouTube's time.
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    Yes that would be a good first calculation. I am worried that the optics seems a bit "squishy" ie distorted to get good distance data.

    Why oh why did they not think to pack a 1m ruler.
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    cuz they don't/didn't know what a metre is/was :wink::biggrin:

    yeah some sort of measuring ruler would have been good to complete the science experiment

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