Hard chrome electroplating titanium

Hello. I want to coat titanium metal, more preciselly grade 5 alloy with thick titanium coating. Can coating be done using electroplating method with chrome salt? I guess titanium surface will have to be somehow well prepared, removed from oxides so that chrome wont just peel off from titanium.


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Hard Chrome Plating Titanium & Electroplating Titanium

Titanium has increased in use because of its high strength to weight ratio coupled with excellent heat and corrosion resistance.

Titanium has proven to be a very difficult substrate on which to deposit any coating because of its tough surface oxide layer.

Over the years many surface treatments and coatings have been proposed to alleviate Titanium's inherent problems of seizing, galling, and fretting wear due to its high coefficient of friction.

US Chrome’s proprietary process deposits low friction chromium directly on the titanium thereby overcoming these inherent problems.

From, https://www.uschrome.com/chromium-on-titanium

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If you want to do it right it is going to cost you a bit?


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