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Has sb done such a super mechanical test

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    Deformation experiments (say,compression etc) for rock materials at temperature of 1000 degress and under confining pressure of 300MPa in order to explore the material behaviour.

    Is such kind of test dangerous in the lab?
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    300MPa?!?!?! Holy crud. The 1000°F is doable (heck, you'd probably be there at those pressures). Yeah. That's a bit on the dangerous side. What kind of scale are you thinking about in terms of the test samples? I would have to do some research to see how you would even measure the deformations under those conditions. I have honestly not seen anything in my experience that could replicate that in a lab. That definitely does not mean that it doesn't exist.
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    Not really, there is a lot of pressure but not a lot of stuff.
    Usual way is to crush a very small (ug-mg) sample between two diamonds acting as anvils. You can either heat the whole sample chamber of flash x-ray heat the sample as you deform it.
    The alternate fun way is to fire a pellet from an ultra-high pressure air gun into a sample.
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