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Have the gravity waves been detected from the big bang?

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    I watched an interesting programme a while ago about the atom, and amongst other things relativity was quite prominent in the programme. one of einstein's predictions was that we would be able to detect gravity waves rippling across space time from the big bang, and it cited a current experiment being conducted for precisely this purpose.

    i don't suppose anyone knows of this and if so, have they got the experiments' results yet and what are they??
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    No, they have not detected any waves yet.
    Moreover, as far as I understand they are mainly focusing on trying to detect waves from e.g. colliding black holes and similar "extreme" events; this should be easier than waves from Big Bang.
    Most people beliveve that current experiments are still not sensitive enough even for these extreme (and rare) events, but the next generation of detectors should be able to detect something (basically since they will be sensitive enough to detect more common events); if they don't there is something wrong with our current understanding of GW.
    We should know within a few years.
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