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Have you tried the electronic cigarettes?

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    Do you have the misfortune of a smoking habit? if so have you tried the electronic cigarettes?
    It has been proposed that they be banned in public places, these cigarettes produce a [vapor]
    do you think they pose any danger to public health?
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    There is no danger to public health. What if you had just a pure H20 electronic cigarette that just made water vapor? Whose business is it where I smoke that? Why not anywhere? Hey, it's my right. Now add a few molecules of nicotine and now the nannies step in.
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    I did try it, but it's not the same. Best scenario, I would quit smoking, there can be no half-measures.
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    I believe there are issues with high voltage/power models. E-cig enthusiasts (people who build their own mods and coils) are using high potential batteries and building extremely low resistance coils (less than one ohm!). The increased current through the coil causes temperatures on the wicking material to rise, often to the point of combustion.
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    I'm using one right now. After 12 years of smoking a pack a day, I managed to switch to an e-cig on my 2nd try. The initial switch was pretty tough, but I would just puff like crazy until the craving went away. I started out on 24mg now am at 18 and my next bottle will be 12. So I am slowly getting off the nicotine addiction.

    A few things to point out though. I have read that the juice has such a high concentration of nicotine in it that it can be dangerous to spill it on yourself. Which does happen from time to time. Several times I have spilled my tank when trying to take off the battery. It should also be noted that it is not 100% safe to smoke either. While most of the chemicals and the tar are gone, nicotine has been linked to heart disease and headaches. Just as a general disclaimer, there may be other side effects that I am unaware of, as I am not a doctor/scientist.
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    I've been using an electronic cigarette for approximately one year now. I haven't had any negatives to say about it except that they should have become mainstream a long time ago. They cost money, but they fall in costing way less than regular cigarettes. My sense of smell and taste is now back where it used to be, my fingers and clothes no longer stink, no dirty ashtrays to deal with, ect. Every blue moon i'll get the urge to smoke a real one, so i'll light one up and and not even take more than a drag off of it before snuffing it out. They taste horrible now!

    From what I've observed with the laws popping up concerning them, it has to do with the odd individuals that smoke them with the intention of creating huge clouds of vapor... becoming a nuisance. More often than not, it's the people that use zero nicotine which are the ones creating the nuisance in public places.

    The only health risks are tied to where you source your liquid from. If you purchase it from a reputable company which explicitly lists the ingredients, you know what's in it. If someone is purchasing it from 'Joe Blow's Homemade Liquid' who makes it in their back yard, there's no telling what's in it. In a nut shell; regulation of ingredients.

    Like anything else in this world, know what it is before you eat it (or smoke it).
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