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Having trouble with engineering mecheanics

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    I am a freshman in mechanical engineering and am having lots of trouble in getting to understand the basic concepts of Engineering Mechanics. Could anyone suggest some good websites which start from the basic? Also i would like to know how important this subject is.
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    The best book in my view is by Timeshenko and Young. Singer is for advanced learners. The subject is so important that you will find atleast one application a day when you come to job. Moreover, the subject will give an outlook which is essential for a mechanical engineer.

    I don't know any websites but the book I suggested will give you the required basic knowledge. Dig into solving the problems and you will really enjoy the subject.
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    What edition do you own?
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    Try Halliday/Resnick/Walker - Fundimantals of Physics. The book is the guru for undergrad engineering physics all across the World.
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    how important is this? I would say it is one of the most important aspects of your engginering education.
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    Thanks for ur suggestions.
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    I have 4th edition of (1988, I think 34th reprint) Timoshenko and Young. I used to refer Singer from the library.


    Nenad has given you an excellent suggestion. Infact I was about to tell the same thing. Get your physics basics strong by Resnick and Halliday and you will never have to look back.
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    I use Hibbeler or Johnston-beer, both are almost identical and equally GOOD.
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