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HDMI cable wiring schematic (what colors go where)

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    Hi, I was hoping somone on this forum could help me out. I am not an engineer (although I wish I was). I am just DBA that is dealing with a wiring nightmare. My boss bought an HDMI to VGA cable from some guy on line for hooking up a laptop to a TV. The cable comes in and of course is no good, the HDMI connector basically fell apart when I plugged it in. So I am going to try and make it work, by sodering the cables to the conector. My problem is I don't know which color goes where on the actual HDMI connector. There are 8 wires (Black, Blue, Red, Brown, White, Pink, Dark Green and Light Green). Does anyone have a diagram or a schematic so I can try and fix it.
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    I'd be surprised if it works. It seems that HDMI has only digital data lines whereas vga has almost only analog ones. If there is no logic circuit in between you have probably been scammed. Cable colors can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer... and the pinning can be found online, but unless your graphics card does some very funny things it will not work.
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    First off, if it goes from VGA(out) to HDMI(in) then it would be a VGA to HDMI cable (converter) not the other way around that you stated.

    Second there is no direct cable connection possible, it needs an actual converter circuit to achieve that.

    So why don't you just tell us exactly what outputs are availaible on the laptop and what inputs are available on the TV and we can suggest the best option.
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    The laptop has VGA out and the tv has HDMI in.My boss said this cable was practically impossible to find. I appreciate all the help, like I said I am just a DBA, this stuff really isn't my thing.
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    Here is the HDMI pin-out: http://www.hi-fi-cables.com/hdmicomponentcables.php

    http://www.lmgtfy.com/?q=VGA+to+HDMI" [Broken], $6.
    The product description states, "Your Video card must support digital signal output through VGA port function. Please consult with your VGA card's user manual for more information."
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    Good catch pantaz. So this confirms what we suspected that a simple cable is not likely to work in most instances. (I've never even seen a video card that passes DVI through the VGA connector, though I guess some newer laptops might do it to save connector space).

    More likely the OP will need something like a converter box such as :




    BTW. I'm not recommending the linked products or the stores selling them - I've never used either. Just pointing out the type of thing OP probably really needs.
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