What is Schematic: Definition and 96 Discussions

A schematic, or schematic diagram, is a representation of the elements of a system using abstract, graphic symbols rather than realistic pictures. A schematic usually omits all details that are not relevant to the key information the schematic is intended to convey, and may include oversimplified elements in order to make this essential meaning easier to grasp.
For example, a subway map intended for passengers may represent a subway station with a dot. The dot is not intended to resemble the actual station at all but aims to give the viewer information without unnecessary visual clutter. A schematic diagram of a chemical process uses symbols in place of detailed representations of the vessels, piping, valves, pumps, and other equipment that compose the system, thus emphasizing the functions of the individual elements and the interconnections among them and suppresses their physical details. In an electronic circuit diagram, the layout of the symbols may not look anything like the circuit as it appears in the physical world: instead of representing the way the circuit looks, the schematic aims to capture, on a more general level, the way it works.

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  1. L

    Power Plant Schematic

    A power generation plant converts chemical (or nuclear) energy into electrical energy. This energy is then sent out via conductive transmission line. What would be a simple schematic for this process? That is, if we liken it to a battery, then the positive pole would be the high voltage...
  2. B

    I need help with a car anti-theft device circuit schematic

    I'm working on a school project and I have to find and/or make a circuit schematic to a car anti-theft system that will disconnect the car battery shortly after the car alarm goes off. I am new to the electronic engineering field but I can differentiate a few different components on a schematic...
  3. Grinkle

    Schematic capture / wiring diagram software

    It has been many years since I was an Orcad expert - way back in the DOS epoch. Once my job functions changed from design to other-than-design, I stopped using such software. I now have a need to do some design and some architectural level hook-up planning and I'm looking for free software to...
  4. A

    Audio/Video Please help, require schematic diagram of power amplifier ROYAL L1200

    Hi to all much appreciation for you all,please is there anyone who can help me the schematic diagram of power amplifier ROYAL L1200

    Need pointers on how to convert schematic to breadboard

    Hello. I am supposed tolearn how to assemble the following circuit into a breadboard/protoboard but My attempts have all failed So I want to ask yyou how would you assemble his into a breadboard assuming that V and A are multimeters set to the previous(V and A) . how can I get the gist on...
  6. patric44

    Changing a schematic diagram to British Standards (BS 3939)

    hi guys i need help changing the schematic diagram of this circuit to British Standards (BS 3939) i know that resistors are represented by boxes, but not sure about the transistors or Vcc and GND.
  7. patric44

    Is it illegal to reproduce someone circuit schematic in your paper ?

    hi guys i am trying to write a paper based on someone previous paper in which he discussed a simple electric circuit on some topic , my question is : is it illegal for me to reproduce the circuit schematic using multisim or something and properly cite them in my paper ? or i need their...
  8. B

    Engineering Drawing the Schematic for a Circuit I built on a Breadboard

    Here is the circuit i have built on a breadboard (link) - Breadboard circuit i am now trying to draw the circuit for this but struggling Hi, I have built this circuit on a breadboard and have tried to draw it out but I am pretty sure its not right, needs to include- 741 amplifier,transisitor...
  9. HelloCthulhu

    DC 20kV flyback converter schematic in multisim

    I found this schematic while watching the following video on building a DC 20kv power supply: I wanted to test the circuit in multisim, but I'm having trouble finishing it. None of the transformers available look like the one used in this schematic. Below are the transformers available on...
  10. hagopbul

    Find the schematic diagram for a power amplifier (for repair)

    Hello all: Doing some training in electronics repairing , and need to find some schematic diagrams for power amplifier , Google is not helping with that ,any suggestions where should I look Best Hagop
  11. J

    Winding a toroid inductor, is this calculation correct?

    Hi, I am going to wind an tapped toroid inductor for a LCR circuit in an equalizer. I have calculated the number of turns I need for each winding. This is my first time winding an inductor so I need to get some things straight. What to do with the 10 kHz tap, should I twist a wire with the 12...
  12. T

    PCB design and schematic for a half bridge power amplifier

    Hi, I am making a half bridge power amplifier that operates at 24 V. The bridge has to supply around 3A current to an inductive load (10mH) The bridge will be controlled using 20kHz PWM from a microcontroller. I have put a ACS712 current sensor in the load path to give feedaback to the...
  13. K

    Required voltage for this large saw (German three phase schematic)

    Hi.. I am trying to figure out the required voltage for an Austrian built saw. I am not very good with AC plus the schematics are in German, I think, which is further confusing the matter. Here is the saw: http:/altpubad.com/Temp/1265-1994.pdf I assume it uses three 240 lines but thought I...
  14. R

    Please could someone critique my circuit schematic (simple)

    Hi, I am just putting a simple representation of my equipment in a type of circuit schematic as part of my set-up figure. Please could someone who is more experienced than myself tell me if there is anything wrong with it / any suggestions. Thanks in advance for any help...
  15. A

    Can anyone see anything wrong with this wiring schematic?

    Good Afternoon, I am building this battery pack with 64 aa cells (QU1500 AA) It is split in a series parallel configuration. Each series string has a Diode and a fuse. When I perform the diode test (add the OVC 50.4V plus 0.5V to the circuit) the fuse keeps blowing? I have looked at this for a...
  16. M

    Hello, can somebody check my transistor amplifier schematic?

    Hi, can somebody tell me how to connect some component in this picture, i draw it but is not working because i have no bfg520 transistor, look this picture maybe i make mistake
  17. J

    Schematic for a Tenma DC Power Supply 705-72

    I am searching for a legible schematic diagram for a Tenma 705-72 DC laboratory power supply. Each of its two channels uses a LM723 regulator and a pair of 2N3055 power transistors. One of the channels operates normally; the second channel puts out the maximum voltage (37 volts). Any help...
  18. tinko

    Electronics Schematic for TV ITT LED 32H-7175-B

    Where can i find schematic for my tv: ITT LED 32H-7175-B?
  19. eigenmax

    Help for interpreting Opamps on a schematic

    Hello, I've been doing electronics for a while now, and only recently started using ICs. I have no problem with the 555 timer (I've used it in several circuits), but recently found and attempted the construction of a few circuits with the LM358 op-amp. On each there were two triangles, which I...
  20. Sveral

    Discovering Power Flux Distribution in Schematic with S and G Loads

    Homework Statement S stands for load and G for a generator. There is an odd term used- power flux distribution in the schematic. That`s what needs to be found. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  21. T

    How do I measure the "load" in a schematic?

    Homework Statement Im doing a project on Emf and internal resistance. I'm just trying to understand what the load would be and where I would put the positive and negative pens on the schematic to find the load. Homework Equations Terminal Voltage would be what I have in the image above...
  22. H

    Haynes manual wiring schematic is confusing the....

    hell out of me :( please help: I have a Haynes manual for my motorbike and am trying to make sense of the wiring diagram but it's really annoying me why there are no legends apart from the wiring, no explanations of the tables etc, Every paragraph is referring to the image directly above it...
  23. K

    What is the meaning of the arrow symbol on this gate valve schematic?

    I've come across a gate valve schematic symbol that I can't find any information on. It is the standard symbol with a small arrow pointing out from the side of it. I am working with an air system, and it uses two valves of this design according to the schematic. Can anyone tell me the specifics...
  24. C

    Processor Interior Schematics?

    Does anybody know where to find schematics of the interior of modern processors for lithography? Not brand new, as far back as 32nm nodes? Or where to begin with this search? Thank
  25. reddvoid

    Input capacitance discrepancy -- schematic post layout and parasitic capacitance

    Hi, I have a post layout extracted netlist, In which I am interested in input capacitance on clock pin, If i measure clock pin input capacitance on post layout extracted netlist, I am getting 1.58fF and when I measure the same in schematic, I am getting 0.6fF and I am able to find the paracitics...
  26. bpetersen

    Engineering Calculating Power Distribution in Circuit

    Homework Statement I am trying to calculate the power of Rload in the circuit attached (SEE ATTACHED CIRCUIT). The coupler I am trying to model is the Agilent 778D. Can someone verify that I calculate this out correctly? Homework Equations y dB = 10 * log10(x) V = i * R P = v * i The Attempt...
  27. X

    Confusion about circuit schematic notations

    I'm confused about the terminals in the picture above simply because I've seen the exact same thing mean 2 different things in schematics, namely: (1) it is an open circuit with voltage Vi(t) (2) The terminals are connected to some other circuit and thus have a voltage/current source, and the...
  28. Simon Clement

    Learn How to Draw a Schematic Diagram for Home Wiring System

    I can't find any good information on the net about how to draw the schematic diagram for wiring the light, fan and socket system of a house. Please, I'm first year university electrical engineering student with little knowledge on drawing even schematic diagrams. I would really love to know...
  29. Planobilly

    Help to identify a capacitor in this schematic

    Hi guys, I am working on a Marshal 1974X-20-20 reissue 18 watt tube amp hand wired point to point. http://www.ampwares.com/schematics/marshall/marshall_18watt_schem.pdf Capacitor C3 connected to the cathodes of the EL84's has a stated value per the schematic as 50-500uf/50V. The actual cap in...
  30. Planobilly

    Is the Hot Rod Deluxe III Schematic Helpful for Troubleshooting My Amp?

    http://schems.com/bmampscom/fender/HotRod_DeluxeIII_schematic_Rev-B.pdf This is a Hot Rod Deluxe amp and has a low distorted signal at the speaker. (some info on the schematic is for a Deville) I injected a 1000 cycle signal at 100 mVpp at J2 and have a clean signal on the grid of V1A, V1B...
  31. ernd59

    Problem with Pspice simulation

    Hi, I have a strange problem with Pspice, it always shows after successful attempts, the simulation program stops working and all voltages markers turns to gray and can't see any results any more
  32. A

    Guide to Wiring 6 LED Bulbs in One Switch for 220V AC - Expert Tips

    wire 6(3 watts)led bulbs in one switch for home 220v AC is it possible?
  33. L

    Help interpreting schematic with relay

    Hi, thank you for your help. I am having fun experimenting with an arduino. I have a solid state relay (SSR) which I am learning to use for the first time. I have found things sort of confusing, but have found the following image at the Arduino playground useful: Image here Here is what I have...
  34. E

    What is this schematic symbol?

    See attached image. This is part of a one-line diagram of a solar-with-battery backup power supply system. Two inverters, one for the batteries and one for the solar panels, feed these things (one of which I've circled in red) at the inputs to a splitter, which splits the load between the two...
  35. thankz

    Anyone have a old vga crt schematic?

    I need to tear down (at least on paper) an old computer monitor, I you've got schematics to one that'd be great, even better if it still has data sheets around for the ic's. just for learning purposes :woot:
  36. berkeman

    New free schematic drawing tool at Digikey

    I just found out about this new feature of the Digikey website. I haven't tried it yet, but for students and hobbyists, it may be a good alternative to buying a schematic capture tool: http://www.digikey.com/schemeit# Has anybody tried this yet? You need to have a Digikey login account in...
  37. B

    Help with Schematic Design for BLE Device

    I am trying to build a BLE device and have run into some obstacles. I did create a basic breadboard circuit using an Arduino Uno and the Redbear BLE Module and am trying to shrink it down to a much smaller PCB. The schematic is attached as well as the datasheets for the microcontroller and the...
  38. perplexabot

    Troubleshooting Gated D Latch Waveforms

    Hello all. So I finished making a gated D latch. I used the Analog Environment to plot the waveforms. I have provided the schematic and the waveforms below. The output is kind of weird, as you will see. Thank you for reading. EDIT: Been trying to figure out what the problem is for a while...
  39. B

    PCB Design: Adding Batteries (CR2032) to Schematic

    Hi, I am working on a PCB design and the mock-up prototype is now done, thanks for all your help by the way! now its time to get it mobile. I am trying to add a battery (CR2032) to the design of the PCB, the thing is that I have my voltage regulator set up as so...
  40. Crazymechanic

    Understanding Multisim Simulation Results: Schematic and Oscilloscope Analysis

    Hi once again I don't really understand multisim simulated results as i find them kinda not 1:1 with reality, I am not sure maybe someone here can help. In this schematic a switch the switches one one at a time. For the first time when each of the switches is switched on each of the caps...
  41. B

    Single line schematic for primary substation

    i am currently doing an hnc in electrical engineering and have a report to do on electricity supply systems.1 of the questions is to draw a annotated single line schematic for a primary substation with 2 infeeds and five feeders. I have checked over the internet for relevant information or...
  42. mishima

    Schematic Symbol Help? (SuperSID)

    Hi, can anyone help me identify the big blue boxes' schematic symbol? The actual physical component sort of looks like a small inductor or oscillator. SuperSID Schematic The purpose of this circuit is to be a preamplifier for VLF signals related to ionospheric disturbances, I believe.
  43. M

    Engineering Schematic diagram of a 3phase voltage inverter for asynchronous motor

    hello guys, Its my first question here i hope i will have enough help i am the newbie here but i like this website already :) my question is plot diagram of a 3phase voltage inverter for asynchronous motor driving. i tried to find it but couldnt. thank you from now :)
  44. marellasunny

    Driveline dynamics-torque n ang.vel. direction schematic

    Please find attached a schematic showing the relationship between the 4 main components of a automotive driveline. I do not understand the reason for the directions of the torques and angular velocities in the schematic. At first, I thought this had something to do with equations and...
  45. M

    User friendly circuit schematic software

    Hello, I am wondering if there is any free circuit schematic software that is pretty basic and easy to use. I just need it to draw capacitors, resistors, inductors, and batteries so I can have drawings of circuits for when I have homework questions on this page to ask so I have a reference...
  46. C

    How to Convert DipTrace Schematics to GIF or JPG for Web Use?

    Have made schematic using DipTrace. DipTrace only saves schematics in ***.dch Would like to use schematic on a web site. Does anyone have a good method to convert a schematic from ***.dch to ***.gif or ***.jpg? Have tried: Printed schematic out. Scanned schematic and saved as ***.gif...
  47. A

    PSPICE simulation with Schematic of Waveform Selector

    Homework Statement Hi in response to my previous thread (principles behind the waveform selector circuit), I would now like to run a SPICE simulation using the PSPICE schematics software to obtain the theoretical values before entering my lab session. I have uploaded the schematic for your...
  48. Z

    Create a DB15 Circuit Schematic | Schematic Generator

    I have to make a terminal block from a DB15 connection. I'd like to have a neat looking schematic for it. I don't need to design a PCB, but just make a schematic for a custom circuit. Does anybody know of any software that you can build a schematic and then save it as a PDF or something?
  49. G

    Oscillator Schematic 3 to 7 MHz and 217 Mhz

    Hello All, I would like a schematic that would help me to create a simple oscillator that can drive an aircore coil or other components at 3 to 7 MHz and 219 MHz approximately.Any help is appreciated. Gary
  50. B

    Electrical schematic troubleshooting program?

    I was wondering if there was a simple program out there that would help me design and toubleshoot schematics I draw? For example, I have a schematic for a power supply that takes a 6.5k "core and coil" transformer and ups the voltage to 15k to supply a Van de Graaff generator. Now, the problem...