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Homework Help: Head pressure for liquid in a tank

  1. Apr 15, 2014 #1
    Did I answer this right ?

    An open tank contains liquid with a specific gravity of 1.735. If the height of the liquid is 10 feet, how much head pressure (in inches w.c. (water column)) will it exert?
    P= (10) (1.735)= 17.35

    What is the pressure in PSI?
    P= (1.735)(0.433)(10feet)= 7.51255
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    Are feet and inches the same? How about a liquid with a S.G. of 1.735 and water?

    You got the pressure OK, but it appears you are a little hazy on what head in inches of water column means.

    And it's 'question', not 'quesstion'.
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