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Medical Health affects due to aboveground nuclear bomb explosions

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    From 1945 until the US put a ban on aboveground nuclear explosions in the US, there were some 300 nuclear devices exploded aboveground in the US. These explosions lead to an eventual nuclear fallout. Anyone have resources like books or internet sites that detail the medical research and overall research of tracking this fallout and any subsequent rise in diseases such as cancer?

    I have been told that such a study does not exist because at the time, in the 1950's, the US government did not want to incriminate itself. So consideration for nuclear fallout was restricted to where scientists and engineers believed the eventual fall out would land. So have any dedicated medical scientists (MD's, stats, engineers) tried to keep track of what this event did to the greater population, like how many people died, got sick or changes in mood and other behaviour?

    For bonus points, has there at all been world wide study? I think Russia, France and UK did as much damage as the US.
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    Do you mean a comprehensive study ov the overall effects, or small localized studies? health physicists have been studying these effects for quite some time now, and you can find numerous articles in their journals. Take a look http://hps.org/" [Broken]
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    Sounds like an interesting site, I will have to investifate further. However, when you say for quite some time is that indication that these studies are based on original research or based on data from others' research?
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