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Heat insulating material near abs zero

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    hi all,

    I was wondering if there is any industrial/common type of material (at around temperature of 3K) that can function as bolts/screws or thin sticks. This is to be used in a cryostat and ideally prevent any heat conduction from the material it is attached to during the process.

    Thanks in advance


    PS. I apologize if this post has been placed in the wrong section of the forum
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    Thin stainless steel or various types of plastic are often used, e.g. PEEK or Torlon. Keep cross sections small and make distances large. Avoid good electrical conductors (copper, silver, gold,...) and very hard materials (sapphire, diamond,...).
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    Stainless steel or brass (alloys are bad conductors of heat at low temperature) if you need it to be made of metal.
    Otherwise any type of plastic will - as M Quack alread pointed out- work well.
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