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Looking for Heat Insulation Materials

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    I am looking for some thin and light heat insulation materials probably in a flat plate form.

    We intend to install this kind of heat insulation plate underground for separating different utilities.

    Any suggestion ?

    Thanks alot.
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    Interesting johnbbahm, but I'm not sure I can source the material, or construct it.

    I'm looking for a solution to a 'heat insulation' problem too.

    I've got an electronic gadget/device that sits on a non-slip rubber mat on top of my car's dashboard, just in-front of the windshield, in the center.

    It's similar to a radar detector, but is actually a small little camera which video records each car journey I take in 15 minute video segments. (cost about $50). It turns on and begins recording when the car engine is turned on, and turns off with key also. (I successfully wired it with a 2amp inline fuse to ignition live in the car).

    It's just there in case I'm ever involved in a crash, for evidence purposes. (I try to be a careful driver).

    Problem is that car can get very hot, and we don't always have the option of parking in shade.

    Last week I discovered the 8 gig SD memory card inside the device was no longer working. I think it got fried in some very hot weather recently, when the car was like an oven. The SD card no longer recognised by the device or any separate mini-drive. The device itself still works as I've tried it with an old small 256mb SD card.

    I've now got a new 8 gig SD card, but don't want it to go the same way as the last one, or for the device itself to be the next thing to fry in the heat.

    Can anyone suggest ways I could protect the camera against excessive heat when it's on the dashboard on a hot day.

    My first thought was to build a little case enclosure made of copper sheet, but then I thought that might make things worse by acting like an oven? Or to cover it with some sort of tape.. perhaps self-amalgamating tape.

    I'm not after total cooling, but just to limit the chances of excessive heat from destroying the SD card or the camera, when it's on the dashboard on a hot day. (I don't always drive the car myself, and can't rely on my sister unplugging it each time.) Thanks.
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    concrete can be pretty good, if the right type is used.
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    I live in maine.

    Had to dig up the well supply line one year, and didn't have time to finish the job before winter
    we get minus 20'F from Christmas to mid January even February.

    I took a 1" piece of pink foamboard (R-7) and laid it on top of the water line
    covered with one foot of sand, when it snowed I added snow on top (snow actually insulates) the well line never froze.
    essentially it traps the 55'F heat of the ground underneath and insulates from the cold above. the sand also acts as insulation...

    cheap and EZ...

    For the fellow with the dash cam, try making a hood out of that bubble wrap material with the
    aluminum foil on both sides, some brands are called reflec-tex
    (line that with pink foam board too LOL -the foam board loses R-value with exposeur to UV light so bear that in mind)
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