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Heat transfer equation - formulation

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    Hi, I have a device which is heated from inside by constant heat (let's say by Joule's heat - UIt). Some heat causes temperature rise of the device, some is lost into surroundings through device's surface. I measured how temperature of the device varies with time and I want to calculate constants like heat capacity of the device and heat loss coefficient.

    But I'm not sure whether my equation is correct:

    dQ = CdT1 + γ(dT2)dt

    C - heat capacity of the device
    γ - heat loss coefficient
    dt - time differential
    dT1 - temperature differential (of the device per dt)

    I'm confused about last expression in the equation: What does dT in the expression γ(dT2)dt mean? Is it the same as dT1 or is it rather instantaneous temperature of the device minus temperature of surroundings?
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    Anyone? I just need in what form/terms we express heat loss...
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