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Aerospace Helicopter rotor blade stress calculations

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    I am currently doing my final year masters project which involves testing rotor blades. I am performing a stress analysis of the blades. I will be using FEA software, but I also need to do some hand calculations. I have been looking for formulas for a while now, but I am unsure which to use and how exactly I should model it.

    I was thinking I could model it as a simple cantilever, but obviously this wouldn't account for the rotation. Could anyone please help me? It would be much appreciated.


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    If you make the assumption that you are staying in the linear realm, you can use superposition.

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    Chapter 9 of Johnson's book "Helicopter Theory" covers the dynamics of rotor blades and the dynamic loads that exist in a rotor blade. Stress calculations get more complicated if you're using a laminated composite, in which case you may need to read up on lamination theory.
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    Thanks for your help, I'll have a look into that
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