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Hello everyone!

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    I am a physics student, I will start my 4th and final year in METU/Ankara/Turkey.
    I'm working at a soft matter research group.
    Hope to make some friendships here :)
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    Welcome to PF, Amawi. :smile:
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    Thanks ^_^
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    btw, where can I post my questions?
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    Find the forum related to your question and start a new thread there. All homework-related questions should go in the homework forums.

    It is highly recommended for all new members to read the following before posting:
    Physics Forums Global Guidelines
    How to Ask for Homework Help
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    Thank you very much.
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    Hi Amawi! I'm a PhD student from Finland and I work in a soft matter research group too. My work is mostly related to large-deformation elasticity theory. :)
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