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Hello everyone

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    I am new here and I am here to learn about dreams, out of the body experiences and I want to know why I am here. On this planet, in this life. My memory is not the best, but I want to thank, Greg(I may be wrong) that put a message in my box. If I am wrong, I am very sorry. If I am right, I did well!
    Not even sure how to work this forum, please have patience. Thank you

    PS:I did edit the name, I was wrong, but very happy I was able to fix it right away. Thank you
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    Hi SerenitynPeace,

    Unfortunately, we do not allow discussions about any of the things you mentioned, we are Physics Forums, not Psychics Forums. perhaps you found us in error, it has happened before.

    But, please read our guidelines which are in the welcome e-mail Greg sent you and also under the "INFO" tab at the upper right of the page, you might find other subjects of interest that we do allow. :smile:
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