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Hello everyone!

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    Hi guys! I'm a college student at the community college where I live, I'm wanting to double major into computer engineering and physics, I feel so endowed with and take my own "fill of ambrosia", as one man put it himself about 900 years ago, whenever I study deeply(as deeply as I can for the moment!) the phenomena of our natural world, I love mathematics, and I also have much respect for engineers and their ability to contribute back to our world, something I also want to do.

    I just passed the Integral calculus course offered here during the summer with an A, and this coming fall semester it's looking pretty packed. I have multivariable calculus and linear algebra(which I have been studying particularly beforehand along with multivariable calculus) to contend with, alongside electromagnetism.

    Not my first time having heavy semesters like this, which is in fact one of the reasons I frequented this site, but I never thought of making an account until now. I loved coming in this site just to see conversations here and there, but I also anticipate a strong need to keep sharp cadence of my own workload. I heard that linear algebra and particularly multivariable calculus will have a tendency to cross(the system is consistent? :D ) when we start talking about transformations. I'm excited, but I thought one of the best things to do for this semester is to make an account here and get well acquainted with you guys!

    Thanks so much for having a place like this for us stem students!
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    Hi Bishamonten. smiley_sign_welcome.gif
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