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Hello, forums.

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    Hi everyone. I'm known as Alba online. If you know anything about Gaelic, you can probably decipher that me being known as Alba means I'm Scottish.

    I'm interested in the universe in general. If there's an area of knowledge, chances are I'll find it interesting. I'm particularly interested in that which affects the mind, although this is a Physics forum, not a chemistry one.

    When I was wee, most of the people I knew wanted to be something along the lines of a police officer or a football player; not me. I wanted to be an astronomer, then I wanted to be an astrophysicist, and for a while I wanted to be a palaeontologist. Well right now I'm in college studying games development, so things have changed a bit, however that which hasn't changed is my curiosity. People always say I ask too many stupid questions whenever I pose to them a hypothetical question. I don't see it that way and I'm sure many people here will agree.

    Hopefully I can contribute a bit.
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    Welcome welcome :)
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