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Hello, I am currently planning on constructing an electromagnet.

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    Hello, I am currently planning on constructing an electromagnet. Its purpose is entirely for entertainment. I was hoping to make two of them that I could attach handles and switches to so they could be used for hanging/climbing underneath some random thing. If possible, it would be useful if they could hold up at least 300-400 pounds to make sure they don't fail if the person using them were to apply force the wrong way with some sort of accidental movement. I was just wondering what material of magnet wire, gauge of wire, and type of core should be used. I'm guessing some sort of soft iron core, but I'd like specifics if possible. As for the wire, I don't know enough about wire yet to figure it out without asking. And although I can probably figure the rest of the magnet out pretty easily myself, if you'd like to throw in some recommended amount of windings, radius of core, or amount of current I'd be happy to hear. Thank you for time.
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    If you'd like to save yourself a lot of hassle, you can just go to EftonScience (I believe that it's the renamed version of 'Edmund Scientific Company'). They (used to, at least) have an electromagnet that's about 2" in diameter by 1" high, runs on a couple of D-cell batteries, and can lift 200 lbs.. It also has an eyelet bolt built in for attachment purposes.
    A couple of those things would stick you to a ceiling beam so tight that Spidey's dear old Aunt May herself couldn't pry you off with a Teflon spatula.
    If you insist upon building your own, however, I can be of no help to you. Sorry.
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    Yah, part of the entertainment is the building process, so I would like to actual make it myself, but thanks for the suggestion.
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    Either you live in Hogtown or there is more than one Efton Science in the world.
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