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Hello, I am Trevor.

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    Greetings everyone. I have had a growing interest in the area of chemistry and physics, more in physics perhaps. Currently I am a sophomore in high school and taking honors chemistry. Next year I will take AP Chemistry and the following year AP Physics. Most unfortunately, I am not able to take physics this year, although, I have begun to acquire a vast quantity of literature regarding physics; I have used these resources for around three months now in order to teach myself. It was serendipitous that I found this site and I fully hope that I am able to learn about physics within this community.
    Thank you, have a nice day.

    Question: Are there any online resources that provide a compendium of knowledge regarding physics that I can study from. Also, do you, as a community of individuals, have any recommendations regarding my situation, even though I portrayed it to have a benevolent connotation?
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    I feel quite foolish; directly after I had posted this thread I came upon the plethora of resources for studying. I apologize for the confusion. The second part of my question still applies though.
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Hi Trevor,

    for your second question, do you mean advice on self-teaching? Try looking through the threads in the Academic Guidance section of the forum. There's been quite a few people asking similar questions, if memory serves.
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    Thanks, my question was regarding my current situation. I am in pre-calculus honors, and, as I previously stated honors chemistry. Should I teach myself physics and more advanced calculus or simply wait for later in high school? I shall definitely take a look a the Academic Guidance section.
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