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Hello intelligent peopleI need a little help8 liter of air

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    hello intelligent people

    I need a little help
    8 liter of air volume, ambient temp, then compressed at 8.2 bar = volume in cu cm?

    thank you for your help...metric or US... volume would be 2.11 gl @ 120 psi keep it simple please
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    Re: volume

    PV=nRT approximately. I suppose T remains constant, n and R are constants. Thus if you go from 1 bar to 8.2 bar, then volume goes from 8 liters to 8/8.2 liters... Multiply by 1000 to get it in cm cubes.
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    Re: volume

    thank you for your kind reply
    maybe I was not clear I want to compress the 8 L(@ 1 psi) volume with 8.2 bar and want to know how much that volume will shrink to in cu cm
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    Re: volume

    Didn't Petr Mugver practically gave you the answer already? Or did you not understand what you were given?

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    Re: volume

    propably did not understand it :(
    I read as if he increased the volume...I want to decrease the volume by pressurizing it
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    Doc Al

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    Re: volume

    Read it one more time.
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    Re: volume

    I got it now thank you all!
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