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Hello, new member from São Paulo, Brazil

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    Hello people, how are you?

    I am a 20 years old student from Brazil. I study Electrical Engineering at USP - Universidade de São Paulo(São Paulo University). My favorite scientific topics are Mathematics(Polemic: is Math a science?), Electrical Circuits and Physics, and not some that are not favorite but I still like are Mechanics, Chemics, and Coding/Algorithms.

    I am here to make new friends, train my english and maybe other languages, to know more people and culture around the wolrd, and, obviously, to learn and feel motivated to learn as much as I can.

    Thanks and sorry for my bad english! Feel free to ask questions.
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    Hey, your English is really excellent compared to my Portuguese (non-existent :smile:). Welcome to the forum.
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    Hahahaha, good one. I think portuguese is a really nice and beautiful languague, but very difficulty sometimes.

    Thank you, man!
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