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Hello PhysicsForums !

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    Hello all. I'm a programmer. Actually, I'm still learning. Also, I'm working as a web developer. I'm doing everything with google. I mean self studying. I don't have any certificate from any university or school. Because I was studying business and management as my parent's order::nb) . I didn't like it and I left the school o0). I like to learn things I don't know. I'm here to learn something new and share what I know (I know nothing :biggrin:). So I hope you guys will help me when I get troubles with physics and maths (everyday I get few :DD ).


    -Than you for reading.
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    Welcome to PF!

    Please take some time to read our guidelines and remember we are here to help all students learn mainstream STEM subjects. We don't dwell on personal theories or speculative science as outlined in our PF guidelines.

    Take care,
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    Thank you Jedi :smile::smile: I will read them :smile:
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