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Hello, Steelwolf here, checking in

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    Hi, my name is Steelwolf, which is the name I sold swords under for over a decade, careful use of tuning of the nodal points in the blade and handle, along with being able to balance the blades to make superior, fully, really, functional Swords. I did all the work including heat treat of the spring steels and have done such things as 'marriage of metals' also known, in the Japanese as Mokume Gana and is a layered precious metal that can me then manipulated in various ways for sword decorative pieces and jewelry.

    However, since being disabled 15 yrs ago, I have had the chance to stretch the mind rather than work the body, and build on the heavy science bases I already have. Very much into physics of many varieties and follow a number of technologies and types of stories in the Physics.Org newsletters. I hope to enjoy bouncing some ideas and observations that I have had around with other, like minded individuals from a wide variety of study, and perhaps we can figure out some of the ways these building blocks fit together, perhaps old, worn out notions will end up being discarded, but certainly clearer views will come of it.

    Thank You for Hosting this site, and to the Moderators,
    Chuck Sweet as Steelwolf
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    Welcome to PF!
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