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Hello, this is Rusty...

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    I just realized that I never posted in New Members. My apologies—I’ve used this forum for many years, I love it and it has helped me immensely in my sci-fi writings and understanding of those areas of science for which I have a passion--quantum physics and cosmology (and related).

    So, hello! This is Rusty Williamson (real 1st name Ronald). I live in San Diego with my wife of 43 years Denise and our dog Beezee…2 children, grown up and gone. Though from a poor family I was lucky and became financially independent by age 52 and we retired in 2002.

    I served in the Army in Vietnam in 1970. I’ve been a sci-fi fan since 1971 when I saw my 1st episode of Star Trek. Always an avid reader I tried to read every sci-fi book written (failed) and in 1978 I had my first sci-fi story idea called NetWorld about a system to help disabled people I called an IE (Interaction Enhancement) system in which the computer monitor became a window to a computer-generated world where bedridden people could hold jobs, visit banks, play tennis, etc…of course years later it became reality…the internet and virtual reality.

    BITD I was a programmer…later MIS for GE Retail Systems. I wrote articles for Computerworld in the 80s. During this 20+ year stretch I continued to get ideas for sci-fi stories, bought, flipped and rented/sold houses nights and weekends with my wife, led 4x4 tours into the Anza Borrego Desert, became interested in quantum mechanics and cosmology reading all the ‘layman’ books I could find and in ’92 got interested in computer animation. Also in ’92 I got the idea for my current and first sci-fi series ‘The Spiral Slayers’ which evolved for almost 16 years before I started writing it.

    In 2002, my first retired activity was pursuing one of many, lol, ‘million dollar ideas’, a company to produce animated book trailers. It flopped (so far) but was fun (animation was just too expensive). In ’06 I started my sci-fi writing effort Edit: removed by mentor and of course created a book trailer for my first book (of course, I star in it…Edit: removed by mentor. I made a beginners mistake and never checked on the “word count” aspect of the trade until about 20% into my story…120,000 max for sci-fi (for submission to publishers)…checked my current word count…200,800…whoops. So, a 4-book series…something 1st time writers could not submit to publishers. I went with self-publishing. Six years later, my 1st book got awesome reviews from Kirkus and readers. Three years later the 2nd book in the series was published (four months ago) and I’ve started on the third.

    One thing about my sci-fi stories is that they are, for the most part, “SCIENCE” fiction…not just war stories in the future. ‘Spiral Slayers’ has fictional ‘extensions’ to the standard model and cosmology but otherwise attempts to adhere…you cannot accelerate past the speed of light and wormholes are sub-atomic.

    Rusty Williamson
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