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Hello world

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    Hello PF,
    my name is Brano, but I decided to use my old nickname "lomidrevo" here on PhysicsForums.

    I studied Telecommunications engineering at Slovak University of Technology, and I work in the same area today. So I am not a physicist by profession nor by education, but I've always been fascinated by universe, nature and by the fact that all of it can be described and understood via physical laws and mathematics.

    After reading few threads already, I am quite sure to say, there is lot of interesting discussions ongoing on the forums, so looking forward to gain new understanding and knowledge over here.

    As you might noticed, I am not an english native speaker, so let me apologize in advance for grammar mistakes in all my future posts.

    Brano, a.k.a. lomidrevo
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    Welcome to PF!
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