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Help! About nuclear waste treatment

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    Hi, i'm new here. And i have much wonder about the technology in the field of nuclear waste treatment. I have no idea where to find some info. and resourse.
    Can anybody provide some info of them?
    Much Thx.
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    Nuclear 'waste' has different forms and different levels of radioactivity. There are low level, intermediate level and high level waste, where the level refers to amount of radioactivity. Each is treated differently.

    Here is a general overview of Radioactive Waste Management.

    Note the appendices to the side:

    Radioactive Waste Management Appendix 1: Treatment and Conditioning of Nuclear Wastes
    Radioactive Waste Management Appendix 2: Storage and Disposal Options
    Radioactive Waste Management Appendix 3: National Policies
    Radioactive Waste Management Appendix 4: National Funding
    Radioactive Waste Management Appendix 5: Environmental and Ethical Aspects of Radioactive Waste Management
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    Thank you very much for ur help.
    I'll have a look at what u give me. After that, maybe we can talk about this problem in detail.
    ^ - ^
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    Dear sir, can you give some info about the technology standard of decommissioning of the NPP , thanks

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    Dear zhenzhenwc,

    Have you checked out the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) website? It's full to the brim with international standards and guidelines on virtually every aspect of nuclear power plants, and best of all its completely free for anyone to access.

    Worth having a rummage around in if you haven't already.
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    thank you for your advice.
    I have really scanned the website of IAEA,and downloaded some report from it.
    but, my english is not good enough, so i have to spent a lot of time do separate those resouse,and decide what i want.
    Really thanks.

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