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Help adding code block on my blog?

  1. Aug 10, 2016 #1
    I was wondering if you guys could help me design (code) a slick code block in my blog like the one here that the reader could scroll? I'm very new to HTML and Java but if I could get just a little help, I would work on it. I really don't have a clue how to add the following to my HTML file but I did get several HTML references. Perhaps someone could direct me to a particular HTML topic?

    Code (Text):
    ringNum = 1
    mnum = 1
    baseRoot = 0;
    wOffset = 0
    nmax = 15;
    {rmin, rmax, wstart, wend} = theInitialValues[[ringNum]];
    loopmax = 2 \[Pi] totalSheets;
    theorder = manifoldOrders[[ringNum, mnum, 2]];
    Print["Order is: ", theorder];
    rangemin = theInitialValues[[ringNum, 1]];
    rangemax = theInitialValues[[ringNum, 2]];
    rd = (rmax - rmin)/10;
    rstart = rmin + rd;
    rend = rmax - rd;
    rnorm = (rmin + rmax)/2;
    z0 = 0;
    tval = thetStart;
    wSheet = theFunctionRoots[[manifoldOrders[[ringNum, mnum, 1]]]];
    wSheet = theFunctionRoots[[11]];
    myRadialTable = {\[Psi][\[Rho]] /.
        NDSolve[{theRhoDeriv /. \[Theta] -> tval, \[Psi][
            rnorm] == (wSheet /.
             z -> rnorm Exp[I tval])}, \[Psi], {\[Rho], rnorm,
          rstart}], \[Psi][\[Rho]] /.
        NDSolve[{theRhoDeriv /. \[Theta] -> tval, \[Psi][
            rnorm] == (wSheet /.
             z -> rnorm Exp[I tval])}, \[Psi], {\[Rho], rnorm, rend}]};
    Clear[xcod, xdcod, ycod, ydcod];
    rnum = rnorm;
    xcod[t_] := rnum Cos[t];
    xdcod[t_] = \!\(
    \*SubscriptBox[\(\[PartialD]\), \({t}\)]\(xcod[t]\)\);
    ycod[t_] := rnum Sin[t];
    ydcod[t_] = \!\(
    \*SubscriptBox[\(\[PartialD]\), \({t}\)]\(ycod[t]\)\);
    tstart = tval;
    tend = tval + 2 theorder \[Pi];
    Clear[mysol, myw];
    mysol = First[
       NDSolve[{theThetaDeriv /. \[Rho] -> rnum, \[Psi][tstart] ==
          First[(myRadialTable[[2]] /. \[Rho] ->
              rnum)]}, \[Psi], {\[Theta], tstart, tend},
        MaxStepSize -> 0.001, MaxSteps -> 500000]];
    myw[t_] := Evaluate[\[Psi][t] /. mysol];
    myVarw[t_] :=
         t <= 2 theorder \[Pi]}, {myw[t - 2 theorder \[Pi]],
         t > 2 theorder \[Pi]}}];
    If[theorder > 1,
       baseSol =
        NDSolve[{f'[t] == (-rnum Sin[t] + I rnum Cos[t])/(
           theorder f[t]^(theorder - 1)) ,
          f[tstart] ==
           Exp[(2 \[Pi] I baseRoot)/theorder] Power[rnum Exp[tstart I],
             1/theorder]}, f, {t, tstart, tend}];
       theBaseM[t_] := Evaluate[f[t] /. baseSol];
      theBaseM[t_] := rnum Exp[I t];
    thealist1 = Table[
      n1 = NIntegrate[(xdcod[t] +
           I ydcod[t])/(theBaseM[t])^((j + theorder)) myw[
          wOffset + t], {t, tstart, tend}, MaxRecursion -> 20];
      If[Length[n1] == 1,
       {j, First[N[1/(2 theorder \[Pi] I) (n1)]]},
       {j, N[1/(2 theorder \[Pi] I) (n1)]}
       ], {j, -nmax, nmax}]
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    Seriously? We're supposed to figure out what that code does?

    If you are just trying to add a scrollable window to a web page, that's just some javascript.
  4. Aug 10, 2016 #3
    I am really sorry for that. Didn't mean to imply I needed help with that code. I just gave an example of a long bunch of code to make the window scroll.

    Yes, I'm trying to add a scrollable window to the web page.
  5. Aug 10, 2016 #4
    I think you need to read a quick tutorial on HTML. This can be done using one simple tag
  6. Aug 10, 2016 #5
    Oh wow, I just googled "how to add a scrollable window to web page:

    <div style="width:150px;height:150px;line-height:3em;overflow:auto;padding:5px;">
    This 'div' element contains more content than the previous one. Because there's too much text to fit into the box, the box grows scrollbars.
    I really didn't even know what to google for. I'll work on these. Thanks guys.
  7. Aug 10, 2016 #6


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    If you want just a scrollable table, then Greg's code works great. If you want a non-scrolling header, it gets more complicated and is what I was talking about when I said it was JavaScript. Here's an example. Just view the source code of this page:

  8. Aug 10, 2016 #7
    Can I please ask how do I view the source code for that page? I know if I select from my browser "more tools/developer tools" I get some sort of html viewer but that doesn't look like all of that code. Is that how I view all of the code for bigFourVersion.html?

    I do like keeping the headers visible in some applications.
  9. Aug 10, 2016 #8
    Right click and then select view source
  10. Aug 10, 2016 #9
    Thanks. Didn't notice that option and it's nicely formatted too. Although the <iframe> block looks nice, the <div> block is is not a bad start for me although I do have to manually add the <br/> commands:
    <div style="width:550px;height:150px;line-height:1.5em;
    overflow:auto;padding:5px;font:12pt;font-family: monospace; color: black;background: bisque">

    too much text to fit into the box, the box grows scrollbars. <br/>
    ringNum = 1<br/>
    mnum = 1<br/>
    baseRoot = 0;<br/>
    wOffset = 0<br/>
    nmax = 15;<br/>
    {rmin, rmax, wstart, wend} = theInitialValues[[ringNum]];<br/>
    loopmax = 2 \[Pi] totalSheets;<br/>
    Clear[mysol, myw];<br/>
    mysol = First[<br/>
       NDSolve[{theThetaDeriv /. \[Rho] -> rnum, \[Psi][tstart] == <br/>
          First[(myRadialTable[[2]] /. \[Rho] -> <br/>
              rnum)]}, \[Psi], {\[Theta], tstart, tend},<br/>
        MaxStepSize -> 0.001, MaxSteps -> 500000]];<br/>
    myw[t_] := Evaluate[\[Psi][t] /. mysol];<br/>
    myVarw[t_] := <br/>
         t <= 2 theorder \[Pi]}, {myw[t - 2 theorder \[Pi]],<br/>
         t > 2 theorder \[Pi]}}];<br/>
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