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Help choosing Nuclear Engineering Classes?

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    Hey I was hoping some of the established engineers on here could help me out. I have my B.S. in Physics, I work as an electrical engineer, and I'm starting my second semester for my M.S. in Nuclear Engineering. I am not currently employed in the nuclear field but I'm looking to move into it in the next year. Which classes would you guys recommend I take that would be most likely to help me in terms of employment in the NucE industry? Here's a link to my Spring 2012 options, thanks for the input!


    So far I've taken Fundamentals of NucE and Nuclear and RadioChemistry
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    Unless you have a specific position in mind I don't think individual classes have a significant bearing on employment opportunities. Take the classes that interest you the most and do well in them so that you can demonstrate your knowledge to a prospective employer. Generally, university classes are pretty far removed from real-world applications and won't really improve your ability you to jump right in to an actual job.
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    Cool thanks Quantum, good advice, I figured that was probably going to be the case. I'm hoping to find employment soon so I can tailor my classes toward an actual career.
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    You want to work in nuclear power generation I assume?

    If so, look into Nuc E 511, Nuc E 521, Nuc E 502, ME 461, and ME 442.
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