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Help creating constant-speed linear motion

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    I want to move a plate at a constant speed in a straight line, and to do so in as efficient a way as possible with high torque involved.

    What would be a good method to accomplish this? The problem is that both torque and efficiency are very important.
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    How about a lead screw or ball screw assembly?
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    The HP involved is 3, and of this motor input, I'd like to get 2.7 HP's worth, but 2.5 HP is acceptable. There is also a specific speed the plate must move at, which is a constant 100 mph in a straight line for 1-2 feet.
    After this linear movement, the plate will bend into its four sections, forming a "C" shape, and then will move in a circular path around a rotor back to its original position to repeat the process. This path and form is used to minimize drag while still moving 100 mph and to cost a lot less energy to do so. There will be a second plate in use that will be moving at an exact opposite point so energy isn't wasted during this re-positioning of the first plate.

    I would also like to use lightweight and efficient modern parts such as magnetic gears, which may be required to get the best results.
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    Well, lead screws tend to be inefficient and to wear out quickly. I updated the info of the requirements in a new post so it will be more clear what's needed. Ball screws can be up to 90% efficient, which is great, but I'll have to see if they can be used for the high speed requirement, though.
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