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[HELP] Ding Dong sound for doorbell

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    Hi there,

    i am an industrial design student and currently i am trying to design a doorbell for small dormitory rooms. I am just wondering if it is possible to make the chime only creates a "ding dong" sound only ONCE while the button remain pressed.

    Thanx for your help,

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    Yes, a number of circuits will do that.
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    thank you for the reply,

    but do you mind to explain to me how to stop the bell ringing while the circuit is still connected?
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    As I said, there are a number of ways. You would have to give some technical specifications before I would know which to choose. For example, what type of button is being used? What is the time you desire to have the bell ring? What is the time-out when the bell would be able to ring again? What sort of power are you delivering to this circuit? What sort of power are you controlling? What are your cost targets? Keep in mind that this is a common problem, one that has been solved many times before, so you must be very clear in what you want.
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    Hi TVP45,

    The button is just a push spring loaded button. The bell just rings ding-dong once for a very short period after the button is pressed and hold at pressed position. the bell will ring again when the button is depressed and pressed again. Power will be from home 220V AC electricity.

    This is just a concept for mass-produced product.

    Thank you,
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    Again, I must ask you about your background. Your answer about using 220 VAC says that you probably live outside the US. Such a voltage will almost certainly require you to meet notified body standards and that varies with where you live. Excuse me for being roundabout; I am trying to lead you to the answer, not give it to you. Is this a serious project that has to be realistic or simply a homework type quesion? If you mass-produce this, where do you envision doing this?
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    It would be easier to answer your questions if you gave more information. You could have an electronic bell/speaker that is capable of ringing continuously. OR, you could have a mechanical bell activated by a solenoid.

    There's many ways to accomplish your goals, and more info would help narrow down the possibilities.
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    easiest would be to use a PIC uC. You'll need two IO pins. One for the ding dong sound output and the other for sound activation.
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