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Homework Help: Help! I need to find the angle measure of <ABC.

  1. Jun 22, 2006 #1
    Help!!! I need to find the angle measure of <ABC. But i can't use arcsine, arccosine, or arctangent. Is there any other way to find theta without those or does anyone know the equation for one of the inverse functions i.e. arcsine would be favorable?
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    Please give us a complete problem statement, then a general idea of what you understand of the problem.
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    sometimes we can use some simple ways.

    theta/360 = area of sector/area of circle


    theta/360 = length of arc/circumference.

    *you can only use this method if the angle you need to find is from a sector of circle.
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    How you would fine theta (or anything) depends entirely on what information you are given! Please give us the complete problem statement.
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