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Help me find a bolt

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    Help me find a bolt....

    Ok, I'm lookng for a bolt distributor (as close to the Detroit area if at all possible) who sells NAS/MS bolts. Specifically, I need 8 MS21250-05056's.

    I know this is an odd request, but I've searched high and low for said jewels but the distributors I've dug up thus far will only sell in bulk (at $20 a bolt I'm not going to pay for 100 if I only need 8) or they are out of stock. Most distributors charge out the yin-yang for mil-specs anyway, but I'd like to find them as cheap and quickly as possible.

    Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

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    You're in the Detroit area? Hmmm...small world. That MS spec looks familiar but I am not sure about the shank size. Let me see if we're lucky enough to have some of those on hand. Give me a bit.

    EDIT: I just looked at the dash number on that spec you called out. That's a long bolt. Too long for anything we'd use here. I will see if I can track some down though.

    I use ETA Global a lot. They can usually get you something pretty fast.

    http://www.etaglobal.com/contact.asp [Broken]

    Is there any reason why you need an MS spec (now an AS spec) bolt? Would you need certs for this? Just curious.
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    Thanks for the response. The bolts will be used in a differential on a race car. We can get away with standard graded bolts; however, it is frowned upon and requires more testing on our part to prove the bolts we use will survive. NAS bolts have had the testing done already and enable use to work on more important things. Finally, I'm not sure if we need to keep QA paperwork(the diff isn't really my system anyway engine controls is more my cup of tea), I think the 'MS' stamp is enough.
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