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Help me regain my thirst for knowledge

  1. Oct 24, 2012 #1
    Okay guys - I hope you all can help me ... maybe someone out there has gone through similar experiences.
    There are some smart guys out there in my college and I feel very jealous when they score and I do not. Earlier I didn't care about how others performed, I was only focused on my knowledge.
    I love studying and learning new things but this feeling of jealousy is killing me. I don't want to have it but still can't help it.
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    Just to clarify your problem: you're saying you used to be satisfied just learning but now you have become envious of people who get better grades?
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    I use that feeling of competition to help me focus on working hard. There are kids in my class who generally do better than I do, but lately I have improved and I'm pretty sure that I'm ahead of them. This makes me feel a lot better about myself, but I couldn't have gotten here if I hadn't been jealous of them in the first place, since that was sort of what helped fuel my desire to improve.
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    That's correct.

    Maybe that would help me get better but I don't like the competitive feeling. I don't like comparing myself with others. I just want to enjoy learning.

    Although I am not sure why am I saying all this on this forum, but still it makes me feel better to share this with some unknown people
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