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Help me - What is this?

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    Hi all
    I'm a second year mechatronics student in South Africa.
    I'm currently doing vacation training and need a little help identifying a device.

    Attached is a picture, rough dimensions:
    Height: 30 - 50mm (adjustable)
    Width: 120mm
    Length: 170mm (fully extended vertically)

    It uses a bolt (approx M10) which is tightened to pull the middle wedge between the two outer wedge, hence increasing it's thickness.
    4 are used, one at each corner of a piece of machinery. They allow for accurate leveling of the equipment and are extremely sturdy.

    Does anyone have an idea of the device's real name??

    Thank you

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    Precision leveling wedge

    http://www.farrat.com/products/wedge_levelling_elements.html [Broken]

    I believe that is the manufacturer of the unit in the picture.
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    Thank you so much~!
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