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Homework Help: HELP question about total distance traveled for an object on a hill

  1. Nov 19, 2006 #1
    HELP!!! question about total distance traveled for an object on a hill

    if you can help me in anyway, that'd be great!

    here's all the information.

    Buffy and Willow are playing miniature golf. Buffy putts her ball win an initial velociy of 2.0 m/s up a gradual incline in the direction of the hole. Assume her ball slows at a constant rate of 0.50m/s^2.

    How long will it take her ball to return to the spot from which it started?

    thanks soooo much!!!:smile:
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    Welcome to the Physics Forums. Usually, you have to show your work to get any answers at all. Since this is your first post, I will just point out that if you read your problem, you have an initial velocity, and an acceleration that seems to be constant and uniform. I am sure you know an equation that relates these elements to distance. Use that.

    If you want more help, and in the future, you will have to show that you made a serious stab at solving the problem.

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