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Accceleration/Velocity questions

  1. Jan 8, 2009 #1
    Okay, I am beyond completly lost. I know you have to use certain equations to figure these out but other then that I'm completly clueless how to do them. If you could help that would be great. This is worth five bonus points on my grade if I can answer all these corectly.
    Your can is traveling 23.0 m/s when you see the car in front of you slam on the breaks and stop. If you do the same but it takes you 0.8 sec to react because your texting on your cell-phone and you slow down at a rate of 7.6 m/s^2 to avoid hitting that car, how far will your car go before it stops? Show all work. (Round to the tenths)
    A football player jumped up and picked off a pass then ran it back for a touchdown. If it took him 6 sec to score and his velocity was 8.6 m/s when he crossed the goal line, how many yards did he return the interception for? Show all work. (Round off meters to yards)
    Graph a velocity-time line (solid) and the acceleration-time line (dashed) of a ball being rolled up an incline by a push of a person's hand, changing direction and rolled back down and stopped by the catch of the person's hand.
    On a gold green you putt a golf ball up a slope at 2.0 m/s. Assuming up is positive, if the ball slows at a rate of .72 m/s^2 how fast will it be traveling after 2 sec? Show all work.
    A punter on a football team kicks a punt 17 meters high into the air. How fast is it traveling when the return man catches the ball? Show all work.
    A feather is placed in a 2 m long vacuum tube that has all the air removed from it. If you flip the tube upside-down how long will it take for the feather to fall to the bottom of the tube? Show all work.
    The value of gravity on the moon is one sixth what it is on earth. If a ball was rolled down a slope, would it take the ball more, less, or equal time to toll to the bottom as compared to on earth? Show all work.
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    Welcome to the forums!

    Unfortunately, you first need to show us what equations you think you'll need to use, and how you'll apply them in each case... we'll then help if you seem stuck.
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