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Help: Sound created over/in subspace? (SciFi)

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    Help: Sound created over/in subspace??? (SciFi)

    I know nothing, called basic high school physics and chemistry. However, do not hold back in your answers I do find ways to comprehend what people tell me.

    This might be a silly question but since audible "sounds" can't travel over empty 3dimensional space and there is no such thing as sub-space would it be possible to "hear" frequencies and disturbances somehow use a "radar" other than radio telescopes over extreme distances???

    I know I am only thinking in waves and not other energy forms but this is the basics of my (lack of) knowledge. This is SciFi but I am pretty serious as to where this answer takes me. Science Fiction always amazes me because it's only fiction for a small amount of time. Compared to civilization and even the universes timeline.

    Thanks and I hope I am not wasting your relative time!
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    Re: Help: Sound created over/in subspace??? (SciFi)

    There is no such thing as Sub-Space. It is pure fiction, invented to allow FTL travel and communication and etc. Nor do we know of any other dimensions other than the standard 3 for space and 1 for time.
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    Re: Help: Sound created over/in subspace??? (SciFi)

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