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Homework Help: HELP! Specific Homework Problem, Particles and Waves

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    I have read the entire chapter in my book and have searched the internet and I still have no idea where to even begin. HELP!

    4. a.) Explain the significance of a probability of 1.0 and of a probability of 0.0.

    b.) Calculate the probability for an event to occur if 420 events have been recorded as successful for 1200 attempts.

    c.) Find the probability of throwing a "tail" if your tossing a balanced coin.
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    What can you say about 4a) ? If the probability is 1, what % of the time will something happen? If it's 0, what % of the time will something happen?

    On c), what is the probability of heads or tails when you toss a coin? If you're not sure, try it. Toss the coin 100 times -- what percentage of the time is it tails?
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