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Help with an integral

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    Hi all!
    I'm trying to solve the Schrodinger equation for a fusion process. I came up with this integral
    \int dx\sqrt{\frac{1}{x}-1}
    I can't see how to solve it... can you please give me an hint?

    Thank you
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    Ok... I applied the integration by part and now I have
    \int dx\frac{1}{x\sqrt{x-1}}
    I know that the result is proportional to [itex]atan(\sqrt{x-1})[/itex] and this is also correct by a physical point of view. The problem is how to prove that the integral is proportional to the arctangent....
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    Ok... I got it! I made the substitution [itex]y=\sqrt{x-1}[/itex] and I finally solved the integral
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    Glad we could help!
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