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Help with Newtons laws of motion and force??

  1. Sep 23, 2015 #1
    If anyone could tell me how to answer these questions that would be fantastic. Thank you so much!

    1. A box that weighs 66.2 N on Jupiter is taken to Pluto. The weight of the box on Pluto will be ____. (acceleration on pluto is 0.42) Would you find the mass first?

    2. The hand in the image above is applying a force to the right of 69 newtons. The surface that the blocks are sliding across is frictionless. If the mass of block A is 11 kg and the mass of block B is 31 kg, the acceleration of block B is ____. I tried subtracting the two masses and doing them separate to find acceleration but it did not work.

    3. student stands on a bathroom scale in an elevator at rest on the 64th floor of a building. The scale reads 836 N. As the elevator moves up, the scale reading increases to 960 N, then decreases back to 836 N. The acceleration of the elevator is ___. Would you find the mass? If so, how? Would the two 836's cancel each other out leaving only 960? Is that the net force?

    4. On Saturday, October 23, 2010, Cain Velasquez won the UFC heavyweight championship. Velasquez has a mass of 111 kg. Sometime later, Velasquez punches Mr. Tubbs in the face for giving his students too much homework. If Mr. Tubbs has a mass of 93 kg and Velasquez punches Mr. Tubbs with a force of 596.3 newtons, then Mr. Tubbs' face exerts a force of _____
    on Velasquez's fist. How does the total force come into play? Is there info that isnt relevant?

    5. A force of +40.0 N accelerates a 5.0 kg block at 6.0 m/s2 along a horizontal surface. The frictional force is ___.
    What does the 40 N have to do with anything? How do I incorporate that into the problem?
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  3. Sep 23, 2015 #2
    Please submit your problems in separate threads.

    Have you considered drawing free body diagrams, or do you feel that you have advanced beyond the point where you need to draw free body diagrams.

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