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Help with pnp BJT amplifier circuit

  1. Sep 23, 2016 #1
    {Moderator note: moved from technical forums, so no template}

    My mid-term quiz is next week. I have tried to solve this question but I'm stuck on Qn 4 Part H. Any hints??

    Image for Qn 4:

    My Answers for QN 4:

    Can you help me check my answers too? Thank you!

    Edited: I retook the photo. Sorry! The image at imgur is much clearer.
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    you should have posted this in the homework section
    I have asked for it to be moved

    you second image is almost impossible to read
    how about typing it in here or doing it in a word processor and screen dumping to the thread
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    For part H, use logic similiar to that used in part D. They are just different ways of stating the same concept.
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