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Here I made a very simple motor

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    Look ... here I made a very simple motor ...(many of you guys might have made a more developed version though and could help me by showing your models too .....) which I saw from a science experiment book.

    [PLAIN]http://img825.imageshack.us/img825/139/expt.png [Broken]

    But the thing is the book doesnt say how it works or why!
    So could anyone please tell me the same?
    And also I have seen DC motors..... how come they are that small but more fast???(What is inside them??)
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    Re: Motor!!

    [PLAIN]http://img230.imageshack.us/img230/714/coolstorybro.gif [Broken]


    For your next motor, try an iron core for the coil. It improves the magnetic field inside the loops and you get more kick from your motor. Also construct better brushes because the coil will be heavier and can't stand on just the wires.

    Good job mate, best of luck!

    P.S. Now I see you asked something at the bottom. The reason it works is because when a current exists in a wire, it is essentially electrical charges in motion. When a charge moves in a magnetic field it experiences a force. When you have them in a loop you get a torque. The reason you strip off half of the wire is to get switching on and off, otherwise you'd have an oscillating motor.

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    Re: Motor!!

    Umm... what is an iron core for the coil? Is it an iron coil ?
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    Re: Motor!!

    wrap your wire around a bolt or a piece of iron. If you can find iron coins (which i doubt) you can make a coin stack. Or find steel washers and stack them.
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    Re: Motor!!

    Ok will try it out!
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