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Hey guys, I'm a newbie.

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    Under-educated, 55 year old fart here. Just started here and I have a basic question regarding velocity of light. If you see this, you might want to direct me to a proper thread, or do I need to start one?
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    Welcome to PF!

    You can use the site search tools to find threads related to your question.

    Also there's wikipedia as a starting point:


    According to Einstein's relativity theory, the speed of light is the same for all observers. This means if you measure it and I measure it, we will get the same value if we're using the same units of measure and the same level of precision... no matter where we are or how fast we are going relative to one another.
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    Hello. What's your question regarding velocity of light?
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    I've always been ignorant of radio waves --- and so I ask: Wouldn't the speed of light be simply tied to the energy required for the mass of an electron to reach escape velocity of it's outer valence band?
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