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Hi all,I'm a beginner in FEA and got a problem regarding nodes.

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    Hi all,

    I'm a beginner in FEA and got a problem regarding nodes. Can you split a line into a number of nodes using APDL script? Then a force should be applied as these nodes using F. The line is and arc.

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: ansys

    Sure, the easiest way is to simple mesh the line using the LMESH command. That will create nodes and elements along the line.

    If you want to more specifically place the nodes, then you can use the line division commands. I'm not sure of the exact command, but you can divide a line in a few different ways. This will create keypoints at each of the line endpoints. From there, if you want to create the nodes and elements by hand, you can place nodes on the keypoints, using NKPT and then join each node by simply issuing the E,n1,n2 create element command, or by simple meshing again (which I believe will automatically place nodes on keypoints).
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