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Inguinal lymph nodes are lymph nodes in the human groin. Located in the femoral triangle of the inguinal region, they are grouped into superficial and deep lymph nodes. The superficial have three divisions: the superomedial, superolateral, and inferior superficial.

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  1. F

    Comp Sci Creating a City Graph with Nodes & Edges

    Edit: Trying to fix the formatting... class Node(object): def __init__(self, name): self.name = str(name) def get_name(self): return self.name def __str__(self): return self.name class Edge(object): def __init__(self, src, dest): self.src =...
  2. vel

    Displacement nodes for overtones

    (4 / 3) * (1.8) = 2.4 = lambda 1st overtone: 2.4 / 4 = .6; (2.4 * 3) / 4 = 1.8
  3. bubble-flow

    Where are the pressure nodes on a standing acoustic wave in water?

    I have calculated the wave length of a 36 kHz acoustic wave in 20 °C water to be around 41.16mm. Suppose I have a transducer that produces a 36 kHz acoustic wave and a small water container with a length of 41.6 mm. How will the standing acoustic wave look like, which is produced by the...
  4. yecko

    Comp Sci What is Node and Edge Betweenness in Star Network?

    What is "node betweenness of node 0", and" edge betweenness of edge e01" in the question = ? What is B there in the solution? why e34 calculated instead of e01? (as highlighted) Thank you
  5. M

    MHB Nodes and weight of Gauss Quadrature

    Hey! :giggle: Calculate the node $x_0$ and the weight $a_0$ of Gauss Quadrature so that $$\int_0^1w(x)f(x)\, dx\approx I_0(f)=a_0f(x_0)$$ where $w(x)=1+\sqrt{x}$. I have done the following: The Gauss quadrature formula with $(n + 1)=1$ node (i.e. $n=0$) integrates polynomials of degree $2n +...
  6. asd852

    Voltage restriction for nodes on the same branch?

    originally ,I want to prove (TT:current can only flow from c to d),thus I try to figure out what will happen if Vd >Vc,then I label corresponding current direction.Afterwards,I know what's wrong: (A:current doesn't flow out of d ),then I attempted to prove A ,yet I consider that A might not...
  7. Student abc

    Nodes in a decentralised manufacturing system

    What is meant by the nodes of a decentralised manufacturing system? Are these the points where the manufacturing is carried out?
  8. R

    How many nodes of each degree are there in this graph?

    there must be an even number of vertices of odd degree, and from the handshake theorem, 2m = 2(12) = 24 the only way we can get this from 6 vertices using 2 and 5 is: 4 vertices of degree 5, 2 vertices of degree 2 does this seem correct??
  9. J

    Meshing & connection issues for a beam/line solid

    I designed two geometries (one for beam/line reinforcements and other second for a solid block shown below) in Ansys workbench spaceclaim for static structural analysis. In Ansys workbench Mechanical, I got a weird mesh for the reinforcements which I modeled as beam in Spaceclaim (shown...
  10. R

    Engineering RC Circuit/Node voltage question

    Homework Statement Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution So you need to find the voltage across node D while the capacitor is charging, so it is going to be related to the voltage of the capacitor, so a function of time, so you need to come up with the equation for Vc(t), which I...
  11. sams

    I Dimensions of Angular and Radial Nodes

    Radial and angular nodes are simply a region where the wavefunction is zero. But speaking about their dimensions, do they have any thickness or are they just an infinitesimal point in space without dimensions? Thanks a lot!
  12. E

    Difference between pressure antinodes and displacement node?

    Homework Statement An organ pipe with one end open and the other closed is operating at one of its resonant frequencies. The open and closed ends are respectively: A. pressure node, pressure node B. pressure node, displacement node C. displacement antinode, pressure node D. displacement node...
  13. C

    B Node at a closed end and an antinode at a open end of a tube

    What causes there to be a node at a closed end of an air column and an antinode at the open end of a air column? Why doesn't it change as the wave oscillates?
  14. S

    Algorithm for computing the depths of all the nodes of tree

    Homework Statement Give an algorithm for computing the depths of all the nodes of a tree T, where n is the number of nodes of T. a) What is the complexity of your algorithm in terms of Big-O? b) What is the best possible complexity that you believe can be achieved when solving such problem...
  15. Const@ntine

    Finding Nodes in a Standing Wave at 800 Hz

    Homework Statement Two identical loudspeakers are driven in phase by a common oscillator at 800 Hz and face each other at a distance of 1.25 m. Locate the points along the line joining the two speakers where relative minima of sound pressure amplitude would be expected. Homework Equations v...
  16. V

    Circuit with two voltage sources, finding voltage at nodes

    Okay, so why is it that Vc assumed to be 12v - 0.7v (D1), how about contribution from the 9v battery?? Why is this not affecting the voltage at node C? Why Vc isn't 9v - 0.7v (D2) = 8.3v?
  17. S

    Can someone code review my "Distance between nodes in a BT"?

    Here's the solution I used for an online coding test with a major employer and I got rejected. Let me know about improvements I could make. Thanks. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; class Node { public int Val { get; set; } public Node Right { get...
  18. A

    Efficient way to solve truss by hand

    Homework Statement Hello. Given the statically determinate truss shown in the image, solve for all forces in the members, in terms of the load P. Homework Equations Equations of equilibrium. Node analysis. Section analysis. The Attempt at a Solution I was able to solve it by solving first...
  19. S

    I Physical significance of nodes?

    Hi, II have an issue with nodes in QM, like suppose in a well, the number of nodes depend on (n-1), the thing is that, what is so special(physically) about the point that the particle cannot be located there? Thanks is advance
  20. S

    I Understanding Coherence in Quantum Mechanics

    Hi, Can anyone please explain the physical meaning of coherence(Quantum Mechanics). Thanks is advance
  21. N

    MHB Fixing Code to Print "Print": Nodes and Pointers Programming Error

    what is wrong with my programming D: won't print out the "Print" #include <iostream> #include <cstdlib> #include<string> using namespace std; class Node { public: Node(); Node* prev; string key; Node* next; }; Node::Node() { prev = 0; next = 0; return; }...
  22. Jamison Lahman

    I Ionization and Nodes in the Hydrogen Wave Function

    As you can see from figure 4.4 from Griffiths book on QM, the radial wave function of the hydrogen atom has clear points where ## |R_{nl} (r)|^2 = 0 ##. My question is three fold: First, how is the electron able to traverse this region? My intuition is that with the uncertainty principle, the...
  23. sams

    A Counting Radial Nodes between Orbitals with Same l

    Dear Everyone, Could anyone explain why we count only the number of radial nodes between the subshells that have the same orbital angular momentum l ? For example, 3p-orbitals have 1 radial node that exists between the 3p- and 2p-orbitals. Shouldn't be there additional radial nodes that exist...
  24. H

    Positions of nodes on a resonating wine glass & symmetry

    When immersed in a high-frequency sound, the rim of a wine glass oscillates as shown in the picture below. If the sound has equal intensity in all directions from the center of the rim, then where are the nodes of the stationary waves (in the rim)? By symmetry, every point on the rim is the...
  25. C

    Pressure standing wave nodes at the end of the open side of

    I do not understand why standing sound waves can be formed in a one-side or two-side open tube. Consider a one-side open tube. In particular how does the reflection of the wave at the open end occur? I found the following explanation. I do not get why the pressure at the open end cannot vary...
  26. R

    Standing Wave Nodes and Interference on a Stretched String

    Homework Statement Two sinusodial waves, each of wavelength 5m and amplitude 10cm, travel in opposite directions on a 20m streched string which is clamped at each end. Excluding the nodes at the ends , how many nodes appear in the resulting standing wave? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a...
  27. T

    Radial Nodes of an Orbital: Probability of Electrons

    In a radial node of an orbital, say of 3px orbital, is the probablity for finding the 3px electron there is 0 but an electron of another orbital, say 2px, can be found there, OR the chance of finding electron of any orbital in a node of a certain orbital is 0?
  28. H

    Must even functions have even number of nodes?

    The following text considers the possible wave functions when the potential is symmetric about ##x=0##. Why must even functions have an even number of nodes? ##y=sin^2x## is even but always have an odd number of nodes in any interval centred about ##x=0##. The part preceding the above text:
  29. 22990atinesh

    How to calculate Clock Skew of nodes in a distributed system

    A distributed system has 3 nodes ##N_1##, ##N_2## and ##N_3##, each having its own clock. The clocks of nodes ##N_1##, ##N_2## and ##N_3## tick 800, 810 and 795 times/ms. The system uses the external synchronization mechanism, in which all 3 nodes receive the real time every 30 seconds from...
  30. M

    Are nodes on a string perfect nulls?

    Maybe I'm thinking about this incorrectly, but I would assume that the wave loses energy after bouncing back and before hitting the wave moving in the opposite direction. Wouldn't this prevent a perfect null (if the amplitudes were different)?
  31. D

    Binary search tree, number of nodes formula

    Homework Statement Hello! Typical binary search tree has a number of nodes equal to 2^(n+1) - 1. I don't understand why we add 1 to the n? For example: a tree has a height 4. # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # each level has 2^i nodes; i = 0, 2^0...
  32. thegreengineer

    Nodal analysis, choosing number of nodes confusion

    Good evening people. Recently I started taking the "electric network analysis" course in my school. We already saw the mesh analysis method for solving circuits. Now we are seeing the node analysis method. I understand that the first step for this method is finding the number of nodes (and one...
  33. C

    How do you calculate the voltage between two charged nodes?

    If: 1) you know the vertex and individual charge of each node and 2) voltage is the difference in electric potential energy between two nodes How do you calculate the voltage in a vacuum?
  34. P

    Advection equation stability for explicit scheme

    Hello, I have a typical 1D advection problem where a cold fluid flows over a flat plate. I did an energy balance to include conduction, convection and friction loss and I got the PDE's for the fluid and the solid. I used finite differences to solve the system as T(x, t) for both fluid and...
  35. Y

    Why do open holes in air instruments act as pressure nodes?

    Just out of curiousity, why is this? I'm reading this page right here: http://newt.phys.unsw.edu.au/jw/fluteacoustics.html#registerhole A dark hole on the flute means the button is closed, and each white hole means the button is open (open to atmospheric pressure). You can see from the...
  36. M

    MHB Graphs with N Nodes: Proving Cliques and Anti-Cliques

    Hey! :o Let $G$ be a graph. A clique in $G$ is a subgraph in which every two nodes are connected by an edge. An anti-clique, also called an independent set, is a subgraph in which every two nodes are not connected by an edge. Show that every graph with $n$ nodes contains either a clique or an...
  37. itchybrain

    Nodes in a standing wave and energy transmittance

    I am sure this has been answered many times. But I've read about 40 posts on standing waves, and I still have a "standing" question. I am having a hard time visualizing how energy can be transmitted at a node of a standing wave. Basically, how can an immobile point be pulling on its...
  38. evinda

    MHB Delete nodes with a specific property

    Hi! (Mmm) I want to write a function that takes as argument a pointer A to the root of a binary tree that simulates a (not necessarily binary) ordered tree. We consider that each node of the tree saves apart from the necessary pointers LC and RS, an integer number. The function should...
  39. evinda

    MHB Deleting Leaf Nodes from an Ordered Binary Tree

    Hi! (Nerd) Given a tree, I want to write an algorithm, that deletes from each node, from the corresponding ordered binary tree, the rightmost child, that is a leaf. That's what I have tried: Algorithm(NODE *P){ if (P==NULL) return error; if (P->RC!=NULL) P=P->RC; if (P->LC!=NULL)...
  40. evinda

    MHB Inserting Nodes After Q: Let's Double Check!

    Hi! (Smirk) According to my notes, if we want to insert a node pointed to by P just after node poited to by Q, we have to do the following changements: $$\begin{pmatrix} P->prev\\ P->next\\ Q->next\\ Q->next->prev \end{pmatrix} \leftarrow \begin{pmatrix} Q\\ Q->next\\ P\\ P...
  41. M

    How many nodal lines for two point sources at 2.5 lamda separation?

    Homework Statement How many nodal lines are created by two point sources emitting at the same wavelength that are separated by a distance equal to 2.5 lamda? Homework Equations My textbook says, "If two coherent sources located a distance d apart emit identical waves of wavelength lamda, then...
  42. C

    Direction of Current between nodes

    Say for example you had the following circuit. Since it is hard to determine which source will have a bigger influence on current I am unsure of how I would determine which way the current would flow between each node.
  43. M

    Equation of motion for a massless spring system

    Homework Statement Homework Equations f_spring = k(x_near - x_far) The Attempt at a Solution a. FBD: The force goes through the nodes, and the sum of the forces must be 0 because the nodes are massless. Therefore, kx_1 = x(t) So x_1(t) = x(t)/k b. FBD: For this system, the parallel...
  44. C

    Find the potential difference between 2 junctions (nodes)

    Hello, I'm wondering how to determine the value of the potential difference between two points (junctions specifically) in a circuit with 2 emfs. The junctions are points x and y in the circuit below. I thought I could use the junction rule to determine the current at each junction...
  45. varunika

    Find Energy of Antinode & Node in Standing Wave of Time Period T

    a standing wave of time period T is set up in a string clamped between two rigid supports. at t=0 antinode is at its maximum diaplacement 2A. at what time will the energy of antinode be equal to that of a node? what i know is... that node has zero amplitude..n antinode has maximum...
  46. varunika

    Energy of nodes and anti nodes

    at what time will the energy of a node be equal to energy of an antinode when the time period is T?
  47. marellasunny

    How does the Sync.field synchronize slave nodes in a serial communic?

    Serial communication:Following the Break is the Sync.field. The literature says that as there are no quartz or ceramic resonators in the slave nodes,the sync.field is transported before the protected ID field.I do not understand 2 things here: 1.What does it actually mean for the slave nodes...
  48. S

    M-ary Tree: Given Nodes, find leaves

    Homework Statement (I'm struggling with trees now so I expect to have a lot more questions on here like this) I have a 4-ary tree with 173 nodes. How many leaves do I have? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution So I know that each node, if it is not a leaf, will have 4...
  49. JasonHathaway

    Equivalent resistance between two nodes help

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Parallel-Series resistors combinations. The Attempt at a Solution Using an approach much like the one used to find the Thevinin resistance: 1- Open circuit between A and B (R1, R2, R3), and short circuit the voltage source. 2- (R4//R5)+R6=170 3-...
  50. W

    Deleting Nodes w/ 2 Children from a BST

    I guess the problem is mostly due to the fact that I still don't understand recursion very well. What my prof is trying to do is to teach it to us by directly applying it to data structures that may use them, such as the Binary Search Tree. I've already been able to delete a node with no...