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Hi everyone,is 'X' be capitalized in 'x-ray'?

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    Hi everyone,
    is 'X' be capitalized in 'x-ray'?
    i noticed in physics journals, for e.g., in phys. rev. lett., it is not capitalized!
    which is correct ?? or just it is a matter of personal taste?
    actually a silly doubt
    thanks for replying
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    Re: X-ray_formating

    Doesn't matter.
    Each journal will have a house style where they change things like this to be consistent, but there isn't really a rule.
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    Re: X-ray_formating

    I would probably capitalize it on the basis that the X is a thing on it's own, but it really doesn't matter.
    Many journals (especially the older ones) have their own rules and will edit copy to match their style.
    Most journals now just take your copy directly, it's cheaper and easier - also as more papers are international they may be written in a mix of English an American usage.

    Really don't sweat it.

    ps. Some of that page's other tips about easily confused words are useful - especially if English isn't your native language
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    Re: X-ray_formating

    Of all the things you should be worried about, this isn't it!. If what you submitted isn't the typesetting format that a particular journal uses (such as "rf" instead of "RF"), then they'll correct it. This should be the LEAST of your worries, and really, a non-issue.

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    Re: X-ray_formating

    yes..it does not bother me a lot!
    just curious what ppl. here think about it..
    Now i am writing my thesis (contains lot of x-ray :))..so thought of asking here..
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    Re: X-ray_formating

    It depends on the style your adviser/school wants you to follow for your thesis. Ask your advisor.

    The debate basically goes:
    a) x-ray is a noun that functionally is one word, and regular nouns don't capitalized
    b) it is capitalized because X is a single letter and single letters get capitalized in compound nouns (think T-shirt)
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    Re: X-ray_formating

    The convention varies.

    Johns and Cunningham: x ray
    Khan: x-ray

    The capitalization comes when used in a title such as:
    The Physics of X Ray Production

    Other Helpful Rules
    When referring to oneself, "I" requires capitalization.
    Capital letters are used at the beginning of sentences.
    You only need one question mark at the end of a question.
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