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Hi PF,I have been working quite heavy shifts of late being a truck

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    Hi PF,

    I have been working quite heavy shifts of late being a truck driver but enjoy a few cans of beer when I can and wanted to know if there is anything I can put together at home that will give me a simple indication of my alcohol reading i.e green or red light.

    How would I go about doing this?

    Using the internet I found what chemicals react with each other;

    In this reaction:

    The sulfuric acid removes the alcohol from the air into a liquid solution.
    The alcohol reacts with potassium dichromate to produce:
    chromium sulfate
    potassium sulfate
    acetic acid
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    Re: Alcohol

    buy your own breath tester, they are readily available :)

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    Re: Alcohol

    Premade testers are readily available, usually around $100.
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    Re: Alcohol

    JUST DON'T EFING DRINK before you drive.:uhh:
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