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Hi,:rolleyes: How are you? I am again. I really wanna know afew

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    How are you? I am again. I really wanna know afew information about nanotechology. like what is it exaclty,? where are we gonna use it,? any more information will be better. o:)

    I appreciate it
    Thanks alot :wink:
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    I had to do a research paper a while back on nanotechnology especially nanofabrication methods. When it is in a mature state, the effects of it will be extremely far reaching. The idea that on the nanoscale you are talking about molecular dimensions. Feynman's talk about this in 1959 is a kind of a motto that drives the research:

    Here are some pretty good starting points to look into:
    http://www.e-drexler.com/ [Broken]

    People are talking about fabrication by building with atoms. It's pretty incredible to be thinking on this scale, IMO. It has a long way to go, but it is very interesting to see the feature sizes that are able to be manufactured today. Think about what it would mean to make a transitistor on a nano scale alone!
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    Nanotechnology is an awfully broad term. Generally, it's a buzzword used to get research funding. Specifically, it can mean just about any science where there is control on the scale of small numbers of atoms. Sci-fi writers like to think of nanotechnology as tiny robots flying around, but the reality of it is much simpler. Mostly, it is controlling things on such a small scale that the new, unique, and often unexpected properties start to emerge. It's arguably one of the most abused and misunderstood terms in popular science.

    We already have plenty of "nano" technology. Microchips, for example, are manufactured with dimensions of less than 100 nanometers with some features less than 5 nm. You can buy pants coated with very small nanoscale molecules that keep liquids from soaking and staining your Dockers. We're going to use "it" in just about every area of technology, so making a generic statement about it is a very tough thing to do.

    Here are over 200 products that use nanotechnology is some shape or form:
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